restricted access   Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2000

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From: Southern Cultures

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Letters to the Editors

Our Readers Finally Strike Back

pp. 1-2

Front Porch

Front Porch

pp. 3-6


The Southern Autobiographical Impulse

pp. 7-22

Equine Relics of the Civil War

pp. 23-49

Images of Scottsboro

pp. 50-67


The Rise of Southern Redneck and White Trash Writers

pp. 68-90

Music Recordings

The Dixie Chicks Fly (review)

p. 91

Leonardo "Flaco" Jiménez The Best of Flaco Jiménez (review)

p. 92

Saints' Paradise: Trombone Shout Bands from the United House of Prayer (review)

pp. 92-93

Violin, Sing the Blues for Me: African American Fiddlers, 1926-1949 (review)

p. 93

Up Beat Down South

Mozart Went Down to Georgia

pp. 94-101

South Polls

The "Southern Accent"

pp. 102-103

Beyond Grits and Gravy

The South's Thirsty Muse

pp. 104-113

Not Forgotten

The Anatomy of the South

pp. 114-117

About the Contributors

p. 118