restricted access   Volume 40, Number 1, 2011 (Issue 124)

Table of Contents


pp. 3-13

I. Specificities of the Medium

Some Medium-Specific Qualities of Graphic Sequences

pp. 14-33

Comics as a Test Case for Transmedial Narratology

pp. 34-52


pp. 53-69

II. Varieties of Graphic Storytelling

Teeth, Sticks, and Bricks: Calligraphy, Graphic Focalization, and Narrative Braiding in Eddie Campbell's Alec

pp. 70-93

Abstraction in Comics

pp. 94-113

III. Graphic Narratives, the Sciences of Mind, and the Scope of the Human

What to Expect When You Pick up a Graphic Novel

pp. 114-134

Fast Tracks to Narrative Empathy: Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization in Graphic Narratives

pp. 135-155

Storyworld/Umwelt: Nonhuman Experiences in Graphic Narratives

pp. 156-181

IV. Remediating Graphic Narratives

The Narrativity of Post-Convergent Media: No Ghost Just a Shell and Rirkrit Tiravanija's "(ghost reader C.H.)"

pp. 182-202


pp. 203-204