restricted access   December 2008 Inaugural Edition

Table of Contents

Asian Bioethics: Bioethics in Asia

pp. v-viii

Universalism and Particularism Debate in "Asian Bioethics"

pp. 1-14

The Way of Asian Bioethics

pp. 15-23

Public Policy and the Future of Bioethics in Asia

pp. 24-30

Eyes Wide Open: Surgery to Westernize the Eyes of an Asian Child

pp. 31-39

Bioethics on the Pacific Rim: China

p. 40

China: Moral Puzzles

pp. 41-43

Bioethics in China (1990-2008): Attempts to Protect the Rights and Health of Patients, Human Subjects and the Public

pp. 44-57

Physician, Researcher, or Both?

p. 58

Balancing Professional Ethics

pp. 59-61

Ethics and Money Talk

pp. 62-63

Ethical Issues and Concerns of a Clinical Investigator

pp. 64-66

Possible Positions to Avoid Conflict of Interest

pp. 67-69

The Role of a Clinical Investigator

pp. 70-72

Of Learning Curves, Chess and the Art of Translation in Medical Ethics

pp. 74-80

Kidney Transplantation and the Killer Rabbit

pp. 81-85

The Search for an Asian Bioethics

pp. 86-94


pp. 95-97