restricted access   Volume 6, 1988-89

Table of Contents


Notes on Contributors

p. 2


Twelfth-Century Koryŏ Politics: The Rise of Han Anin and His Partisans

pp. 3-38

The Social Background to the Founding of the Chosŏn Dynasty: Change or Continuity?

pp. 39-79

Confucianism and War: The Korean Security Crisis of 1598

pp. 81-119

"Heaven Does Not Discriminate": A Study of Secondary Sons in Chosŏn Korea

pp. 121-163

Interest Rates and Rationality: Rotating Credit Associations among Seoul Women

pp. 165-191

Conflict and Harmony in Korean Rural Communities

pp. 193-210

The Meanings and Significance of So Wŏls "Azaleas"

pp. 211-228

Book Reviews

The Korean Road to Modernization and Development (review)

pp. 229-234

The Last Phase of the East Asian World Order: Korea, Japan and the Chinese Empire, 1860-1882, and: Confucian Gentlemen and Barbarian Envoys: The Opening of Korea, 1875-1885 (review)

pp. 234-244

From Patron to Partner: The Development of Korean Business and Trade Relations (review)

pp. 245-249