restricted access   Volume 23, May 1999

Table of Contents

Editor's Column: Comparative Literature on the Borders

pp. 1-4


Cultural Transactions Between Global Regions

Aryan Aristocrats and Übermenschen: Nietzsche's Reading of the Laws of Manu

pp. 5-20

Viscous Circles: Antecedent Narrative Structures in Ben Jelloun's L'Enfant de sable

pp. 21-39

Inter-American Affiliations of Modern Fiction

Artists, Aesthetics, and Family Politics in Donoso's El obsceno pâjaro de la noche and James's The Golden Bowl

pp. 40-62

Triptychs of Solipsism: The Decadent Plantation in José Lins do Rego's Fogo Morto and William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury

pp. 63-88

Contemporary Eastern Europe as a Postcolonial Space

Configurations of Postcoloniality and National Identity: Inbetween Peripherality and Narratives of Change

pp. 89-110

New Directions in Narrative after the Cold War

Introduction — Narrative Practices in the Post-Cold War Transition: Cultural and Narratological Transformations

pp. 111-116

Post-Cold War Narratives of Nostalgia

pp. 117-127

Becoming Rasta: Recentering White Masculinity in the Era of Transnationalism

pp. 128-140

The Last Bomb: Historicizing History in Terry Bisson's Fire on the Mountain and Gibson and Sterling's The Difference Engine

pp. 141-151

Neither Fire nor Ice: Postmodern Revisions of America's Post-Cold War Apocalyptic Nightmare

pp. 152-159

Review Articles

The Insistence of Theory

pp. 160-163

Umberto Eco: Two Portraits of a Proteus

pp. 164-167


The Fateful Discourse of Worldly Things (review)

pp. 167-169

The Future of the Book (review)

pp. 169-170

Literature Lost: Social Agendas and the Corruption of the Humanities (review)

pp. 171-172

The Aesthetic Contract: Statutes of Art and Intellectual Work in Modernity (review)

pp. 172-175

Art for Art's Sake and Literary Life: How Politics and Markets Helped Shape the Ideology and Culture of Aestheticism 1790-1990 (review)

pp. 175-176

The Search for a New Alphabet: Literary Studies in a Changing World, and: Culturele identiteit en literaire innovatie (review)

pp. 177-179

What else but love?: The Ordeal of Race in Faulkner and Morrison (review)

pp. 179-181

Making Waves (review)

pp. 181-182

The Returns of History: Russian Nietzscheans After Modernity (review)

pp. 183-184

Opera in History: From Monteverdi to Cage (review)

pp. 184-186


Apollinaire and the International Avant-Garde (review)

pp. 187-188

Strange Gourmets: Sophistication, Theory, and the Novel (review)

pp. 188-189

Writing the Dead: Death and Writing Strategies in the Western Tradition (review)

pp. 189-190

Crosspaths in Literary Theory and Criticism: Italy and the United States (review)

pp. 190-192

Paralelismos transatlánticos: postcolonialismo y narrativa femenina en América Latina y Africa del Norte (review)

pp. 192-193

The First Hundred Years of Mikhail Bakhtin (review)

pp. 193-195

Wittgenstein's Ladder: Poetic Language and the Strangeness of the Ordinary (review)

pp. 195-196

Thinking Fascism: Sapphic Modernism and Fascist Modernity (review)

pp. 197-198

List of Books Received

Books Received

pp. 198-199