restricted access   Volume 17, Numbers 2-3, 2011

Table of Contents

Queer Bonds

Queer Bonds

pp. 223-241

Queer Texts, Bad Habits, and the Issue of a Future

pp. 243-263

Toxic Animacies, Inanimate Affections

pp. 265-286

The Part That Has No Part: Enjoyment, Law, and Loss

pp. 287-308

Queer Family Romance in Collecting Visual Culture

pp. 309-329

Queer Sociality and Other Sexual Fantasies

pp. 331-348

Critical Bonds

Daddy’s Girl

pp. 349-355

Waking Nightmares

pp. 357-363

Call for Papers: In Memoriam Barbara Johnson

pp. 365-369

“His Way”

pp. 371-379

Remarks on “Queer Bonds”

pp. 381-387

Book Reviews

The Liberal World of Perversion

pp. 389-403

Perverse Perversion: How to Do the History of a Concept

pp. 405-422

Books in Brief

Theorizing Transgender Embodiments

pp. 423-425

Black Dandies in the Diaspora

pp. 426-428

Eros in the Archive

pp. 429-431

Feeling Our Way Toward a History of ACT UP

pp. 432-434

Taking Pleasure in Drugs

pp. 435-437

Queer Intervals

pp. 438-441

From Munchkinland to Nuyorico

pp. 441-443

About the Contributors

pp. 445-447