restricted access   Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Symposium: Depressions

Poor Poe: On the Literature of Revulsion

pp. 1-18

Canonizing Economic Crisis: Jack London’s The Road

pp. 19-31

“Between the outhouse and the garbage dump”: Locating Collapse in Depression Literature

pp. 32-55


pp. 56-68

American Exceptionalism Revisited: Taking Exception to Exceptionalism

pp. 69-82

Eighty-Nine Divided by Seventy-Six

pp. 83-101

A Response to Paul Downes

pp. 102-105

Critical Turns in the Study of Nineteenth-Century Women Writers

pp. 106-116

Mentoring and the Female Poet’s Voice

pp. 117-125

Celebrity and Glamour: Modernism for the Masses

pp. 126-134

Democracy Hesitant: Sociological Knowledge Production, Policy, and the Public Sphere

pp. 135-147

Allegories of Imperialism: Globalizing Southern Studies

pp. 148-158

Exceptionalism, Other Wests, Critical Regionalism

pp. 159-173

Intelligible/Unintelligible: A Two-Pronged Proposition for Queer Studies

pp. 174-180

The Absent City: Istanbul and American Writing

pp. 181-188

Strangers in the Spider’s House: Transcultural Intelligence in American-(Middle)-Eastern Encounters

pp. 189-204

The Postcolonial Mainstream

pp. 205-216

Atrocity, Literature, Criticism

pp. 217-227