restricted access   Volume 10, Number 1, Fall 2005

Table of Contents


Contention in the Construction of a Global Korean Community: The Case of the Overseas Korean Act

pp. 1-27

Development as Devolution: Nam Chŏng-hyŏn and the "Land of Excrement" Incident

pp. 29-57

Systematization of Film Censorship in Colonial Korea: Profiteering from Hollywood's First Golden Age, 1926-1936

pp. 59-83

Negotiating Cultural Identities in Conflict: A Reading of the Writings of Paek Kyŏnghae (1765-1842)

pp. 85-120


Two Key Historical Moments of the Early 1960s: A Preliminary Reconsideration of 4.19 and 5.16

pp. 121-143

Book Reviews

Introductory-Level Korean Language Textbooks for the Anglophone Adult Learner: A Survey of Three Recent Publications

pp. 145-180

A History of Korean Literature (review)

pp. 180-184

Three Generations (review)

pp. 184-186

Shokuminchi Chōsen ni okeru Chōsengo shorei seisaku: Chōsengo wo mananda Nihonjin (review)

pp. 186-189