restricted access   Volume 47, Number 2, 2010

Table of Contents


Reading Graciliano Ramos in the United States

pp. 1-25

Uma família de artífices "de cor": Os Ferreira Barros e sua mobilidade social no Recife Oitocentista

pp. 26-48

State Capacity and Economic Development: The Advances and Limits of Import Substitution Industrialization in Brazil

pp. 49-73

Africans and Petit Marronage in Rio de Janeiro, ca. 1800–1840

pp. 74-99

The Fall of a Creole Elite?: Angola at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: The Decline of the Euro-African Urban Community

pp. 100-119

Álvaro de Campos's Ultimatum: An Old Recipe for a New Portuguese Poetics

pp. 120-134

Roy Campbell's "Delighted Discoveries"

pp. 135-149

Invenção da história e mimese dos sentimentos em A Costa dos Murmúrios de Lídia Jorge

pp. 150-162

Homens em evidência: Corpos masculinos na revista O Cruzeiro (1946–1955)

pp. 163-177

From Iberia to Recife: Mysticism and Modernity in the Earlier Poetry of Manuel Bandeira

pp. 178-196

Book Reviews

The Anthology in Portugal: A New Approach to the History of Portuguese Literature in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 197-199

Mosaics of Meaning: Studies in Portuguese Emblematics (review)

pp. 199-201

Moçambique: Das palavras escritas (review)

pp. 201-204

The Defence of Tradition in Brazilian Popular Music: Politics, Culture and the Creation of Música Popular Brasileira (review)

pp. 204-206

In Pursuit of their Dreams: A History of Azorean Immigration to the United States (review)

pp. 206-209

Leituras críticas sobre Silviano Santiago (review)

pp. 209-211

Cenas avulsas: Ensaios sobre a obra de Machado de Assis (review)

pp. 211-214

Canibalia: Canibalismo, calibanismo, antropofagia cultural y consumo en América Latina (review)

pp. 214-216

The Masters and the Slaves: Plantation Relations and Mestizaje in American Imaginaries (review)

pp. 216-218

Ora (direis) puxar conversa! (review)

pp. 218-220

Leituras críticas sobre Evaldo Cabral de Mello (review)

pp. 220-222

A Discontented Diaspora: Japanese Brazilians and the Meanings of Ethnic Militancy, 1960–1980 (review)

pp. 223-225

Greening Brazil: Environmental Activism in State and Society (review)

pp. 225-227

Land, Protest, and Politics: The Landless Movement and the Struggle for Agrarian Reform in Brazil (review)

pp. 227-229

Diversidade, espaço e relações étnico-raciais: O negro na geografia do Brasil (review)

pp. 229-230



pp. 231-233