restricted access   Issue 82, Winter 2002

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From: Radical History Review

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Special Issue: Radicalisms in Transition

Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-7

Notes on Contributors

pp. 221-222


The State and Labor Conflict in Postrevolutionary Romania

pp. 9-36

What Legacy from the Radical Internationalism of 1968?

pp. 37-64

"Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible": Staughton Lynd, Jesse Lemisch, and a Committed History

pp. 65-90

A Very American Epidemic: Memory Politics and Identity Politics in the AIDS Memorial Quilt, 1985-1993

pp. 91-109


The Past and Present of Marxist Historiography in South Africa

pp. 111-130


Shoulder to Shoulder, Hand in Hand: Resistance under the Iron Fist in Afghanistan

pp. 131-140

Public History

Aborted Identity: The Commission and Omission of a Monument to the Nation, Sri Lanka, circa 1989

pp. 141-156

Teaching Radical History

Sexuality in the Americas

pp. 157-158

Early American Sexuality: Race, Colonialism, Power, and Culture

pp. 159-169

To Cross the Sexual Borderlands: The History of Sexuality in the Americas

pp. 171-185


The Internationale (review)

pp. 187-190

Men Interminably in Crisis? Historians on Masculinity, Sexual Boundaries, and Manhood

pp. 191-207

Trans/Planting --Contemporary Art by Women from/in Iran

pp. 209-214

The Abusable Past

pp. 215-219