restricted access   Volume 39, Number 4, November 2002

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From: Demography

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pp. 795-797


Demography and the Social Contract

pp. 587-616

Assessing Immigrant Policy Options: Labor Market Conditions and Postreform Declines in Immigrants' Receipt of Welfare

pp. 617-637

Diversity and Change in the Institutional Context of Immigrant Adaptation: California Schools 1985-2000

pp. 639-654

Private Schools and "Latino Flight" from Black Schoolchildren

pp. 655-674

Whites Who Say They'd Flee: Who Are They, and Why Would They Leave?

pp. 675-696

A Regression Approach to Estimating the Average Number of Persons per Household

pp. 697-712

Social Networks and Changes in Contraceptive Use Over Time: Evidence from a Longitudinal Study in Rural Kenya

pp. 713-738

Fertility and Development: Evidence From Brazil

pp. 739-761

Does Race Matter?: Children's Height in Brazil and South Africa

pp. 763-790