restricted access   Volume 19, Number 2, 1996

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From: The Missouri Review

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pp. 5-10


"Titanic Victim Speaks Through Waterbed"

pp. 11-22

The Twelve Plagues

pp. 23-39

Swimming in the Dark

pp. 49-60

Life With the Easter Bunny

pp. 61-66

The Green Suit

pp. 176-196


An Interview with William Maxwell

pp. 83-95

History as Literature

The Diary of Lorenzo Greene

pp. 125-175


Family Reunion, and: Art, and: The Loneliness of Beautiful Women, and: Thaw, and: The Planes, and: Midnight: Triadic Ghazal

pp. 40-48

Family Reunion

p. 40


p. 41

The Loneliness of Beautiful Women

pp. 42-43


pp. 44-45

The Planes

pp. 46-47

Midnight: Triadic Ghazal

p. 48

Love, a Dark, Untitled Comedy, and: Death, A Second Trip by Sea, and: August in my Neighbor's Garden, and: World as Dictionary, and: Singing for Uncertain Singers, and: In the Garden With Green Chairs

pp. 109-117

Love, a Dark, Untitled Comedy

p. 109

Death, A Second Trip by Sea

pp. 110-111

August in my Neighbor's Garden

pp. 112-113

World as Dictionary

p. 114

Singing for Uncertain Singers

p. 115

In the Garden With Green Chairs

pp. 116-117

Still-Hildreth Sanatorium, 1936, and: For the Others, and: A Recessional, and: The Art of Poetry

pp. 118-124

Still-Hildreth Sanatorium, 1936

pp. 118-120

For the Others

p. 121

A Recessional

pp. 122-123

The Art of Poetry

p. 124



pp. 67-82

Generations "I": The Future of Autobiographical Poetry

pp. 96-108

Book Reviews

Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West, and: Emerson Among the Eccentrics: A Group Portrait, and: Ship Fever and Other Stories, and: Equation for Evil, and: Ex Utero, and: The Unconsoled, and: The Hudson Letter, and: The Spaces Between Birds: Mother/Daughter Poems, 1967-1995, and: Accordion Crimes, and: The Moor's Last Sigh, and: The Best American Short Stories 1995, and: An Actual Life, and: The Trial of Jesus, and: The Oxford Companion to American Literature, and: The Oxford Companion to English Literature (review)

pp. 197-208