restricted access   Volume 75, Number 4, Winter 2000

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From: American Speech

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Misrepresenting the American South

pp. 339-342

Sound Change in the South

pp. 342-344

Mapping the Ohio Valley: South Midland, Lower North, or Appalachian?

pp. 344-347

Are Rural Dialects Endangered Like Island Dialects?

pp. 347-349

Language Planning on the Playground

pp. 349-352

Issues of Identity

Ethnodialectology: Dialects and the (Re-)Construction of Identities

pp. 352-354

Let the Copula Be

pp. 355-356

Redrawing Ethnic Dividing Lines through Linguistic Creativity

pp. 357-359

From Region to Class to Identity: "Show Me How You Speak, and I'll Tell You Who You Are"?

pp. 359-361

Racial Identification by Speech

pp. 362-364

The Capitalization of Black and Native American

pp. 364-365

Prospects in Phonology

Studying the Rhythm of Spoken Discourse

pp. 365-367

Applying Phonetic Methods to Language Variation

pp. 368-370

Prospects in Lexicography

Reflections in Lexicography

pp. 370-372

Philological Ruminations of a Natural Slackard Who Became Something of a Scholard

pp. 373-375


pp. 375-377

Where Is "Down East"?

pp. 377-380

Widening the Lens of Observation

The Formation of American English

pp. 380-382

Ephemeral Language

pp. 382-384

Language at the Edges

pp. 385-386

Dialect Development in Mobile Urban Culture

pp. 386-388

Changing Perspectives on Data: Interviews as Situated Speech

pp. 388-390

Representing American Speech

pp. 390-392

"Don't Just Sit There-Interrupt!" Pacing and Pausing in Conversational Style

pp. 393-395

Dialects are Equally Valid

pp. 395-397

Some Plain Facts about Americans and their Language

pp. 398-401

Richly Qualitative and Rigorously Quantitative

pp. 401-405

English . . . and Them! Form and Function in Comparative Perspective

pp. 405-409

Plus Ça Change: The State of Studies in African American English

pp. 409-411

Changes in Progress

Tales of the Northern Cities

pp. 412-414

Fast Words, Slow Words

pp. 414-416

Battle of the Pronouns: Y'all versus you-guys

pp. 416-418

Language Change and Gender

pp. 418-420

Lexical Change, Language Change

pp. 420-422

Among the New Words

Among The New Words

pp. 430-446