restricted access   Volume 84, Number 4, Winter 2010

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From: Prairie Schooner

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Where He Went Under

pp. 5-14

The Body Apologizes for Almost Everything, and: The Wonders of Webcams, and: Trigger Happy

pp. 15-19

Something Like the Attic, and: Teaching English in the Biology Lab, and: Scattering, and: Snickering Like the Pharisees

pp. 19-24

Fancy, and: Puberty, as Poem by Akhmatova, and: Velvet Revolution, and: Returning to West Berlin, 1987, and: Our Free Market Romance

pp. 24-28

Words for the Fox, and: The Terms of My Conversion

pp. 29-30

What the River Carries

pp. 31-43


pp. 44-45

At the Old Reservoir, and: Retreat

pp. 45-47

Who Would Believe, and: German Helmet, and: Generations

pp. 48-50

Idyllic, and: Avian, and: Concealment

pp. 50-52

Persephone Lost, and: Bluebeard's Daughter

pp. 52-54

Red Berry, and: View from an Apartment

p. 55

Close to Home

pp. 56-57

Old Enough

pp. 58-66

Testimony, and: Testimony

pp. 67-69

From The Slaughterhouse: The Automobile Plant, and: What would come, and: After she couldn't see we couldn't see her

pp. 70-73

Yes, the Interval, and: Come His Turn

pp. 73-74

Diet Motivational Speaker Sleepwalks, and: At the Bank I Hand the Teller a Roll of Quarters, She Slips My Daughter a Roll of SweeTARTS and Might Tell Me I'm Overdrawn, and: The Corner Grocery Sells Lottery Tickets and Mackinac Fudge

pp. 74-77

Game of My Life

pp. 78-79

Something Pretty, Something Beautiful

pp. 80-96

Drisheen, and: Chokecherry

pp. 97-99

Hecuba's Song for Astyanax

pp. 100-102

Leah and Rachel Count Sheep, Count Breaths, and: Hagar and Sarai Pose for a 1980s Surrealistic Painting by Nancy Camden Witt, and: Esther and Vashti Discuss King Xerxes in a Rape Counseling Center

pp. 102-105

Diagnosis, and: Sotto Voce, and: Transposition

pp. 105-107

Widow, and: The Ghost, and: The Mother, and: Doubles

pp. 107-110

The Sea That Leads to All Seas

pp. 111-127

Love, and: Gregarious

pp. 128-130

Three poems

pp. 130-131

Valerian, and: Song of the Entomologist, and: The Screen

pp. 131-133

"Wind Shifts", and: In the Landscape You Paint with River Water, and: Ingredient, and: Landscape in the Style of Li Cheng, and: To One Who Is Missing

pp. 134-141

Thomas at the Assumption

pp. 141-142

In Memory of Bill: An Open Heart

pp. 143-154


Ledger of Crossroads (review)

pp. 155-158

My Father's Tears and Other Stories, and: Endpoint and Other Poems (review)

pp. 158-160

Mixology (review)

pp. 160-164

Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir (review)

pp. 164-165

Carta Marina: A Poem in Three Parts (review)

pp. 166-169



pp. 170-174



pp. 175-178