restricted access   Volume 1, Issue 2, Winter 2009

Table of Contents


On Collaboration and Knowledge

pp. 1-9


Toward a Zeroth Voice: Theorizing Voice in Children's Literature with Deleuze

pp. 10-34

Little Red Riding Hood and the Pedophile in Film: Freeway, Hard Candy, and The Woodsman

pp. 35-65

Retraduire un classique: Dépoussiérer Alice?

pp. 66-84

"Better Friends": Marshall Saunders Writing Humane Education and Envisioning Animal Rights

pp. 85-108

Forum: "The Child," Childhood, and Children: Defining our Terms

The Production and Use of the Globalized Child: Canadian Literary and Political Contexts

pp. 109-124

In Search of History's Child

pp. 125-135

The Missing Child in Canadian Sociology: Is It Time for Change?

pp. 136-146

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Un/Defining the "Girl"

pp. 147-158

Can the Child Testify?: On Childhood, Testimony, and the Cultural Construction of the Child as Political Subject

pp. 159-165


A Variety of Literary and Artistic Styles: Contemporary Canadian Picture Books

pp. 166-182

Riders, Readers, Romance: A Short History of the Pony Story

pp. 183-202

On the Function of Money, Spending, and Saving in Recent Canadian Children's Texts Dealing with Poverty and Homelessness

pp. 203-217