restricted access   Volume 1, Issue 1, Summer 2009

Table of Contents



pp. 1-8


"Difference That Is Actually Sameness Mass-Reproduced": Barbie Joins the Princess Convergence

pp. 9-30

Pretty Sweet?: Hegemonic Masculinity, Female Physicality, and the Regulation of Gender in a Vintage Book Series for Girls

pp. 31-51

Représentations des identités masculine et féminine en littérature jeunesse d'Afrique et du Canada: Quelques exemples

pp. 52-66

"Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid": Discourses of the Sexual Abuse of Boys

pp. 67-93


Introduction: Some Words on Home Words

pp. 94-95

Listening and Collaborating: Calling Home

pp. 96-104

Home Away from Home: One US Reader's Response to Home Words

pp. 105-111

Home Words: Maisons, liens familiaux et affinités électives dans le roman québécois pour adolescents

pp. 112-124

Negotiating Canadian Culture Through Youth Television: Discourse on Degrassi

pp. 125-147

Intertextual Resonances in Seven Novels

pp. 148-168

Niche Marketing and the (Shallow) World of Crabtree

pp. 169-183

Clones and Other Formulas in Science Fiction for Young Readers

pp. 184-202

Girlness and Guyness: Gender Trouble in Young Adult Literature

pp. 203-222