restricted access   Number 6, July 2008

Table of Contents

Policy Q&A

Understanding Islamic Finance: Local Innovation and Global Integration

pp. 1-14


Prosperity's Children: Generational Change and Japan's Future Leadership

pp. 15-51

China's Fifth Generation: Is Diversity a Source of Strength or Weakness?

pp. 53-93

Securing Southeast Asia's Sea Lanes: A Work in Progress

pp. 95-128

The "Sixth Modernization"?: China, Safety, and the Management of Risks

pp. 129-146

Book Review Roundtable

David C. Kang, China Rising: Peace, Power, and Order in East Asia

Power, Interest, and Identity: Reviving the Sinocentric Hierarchy in East Asia

pp. 148-153

Shifting the Burden of Proof

pp. 153-157

Balancing Identity and Reality

pp. 157-161

Applied Constructivism Rising

pp. 162-165

China's Rise and the West's Bias

pp. 165-169

Anticipating the Unexpected

pp. 170-172

Author's Response: Ideas and Power in East Asian International Relations

pp. 173-178