restricted access   Number 3, January 2007

Table of Contents

Special Essay

Reading the New Era in Asia: The Use of History and Culture in the Making of Foreign Policy

pp. 1-11

Special Roundtable: Pursuing Security in a Dynamic Northeast Asia

Pursuing Security in a Dynamic Northeast Asia

pp. 14-18

Future Visions of Asian Security: The Five Rings

pp. 19-24

The State of International Relations in Northeast Asia

pp. 25-28

Nationalism in East Asia

pp. 29-37

The New Nationalism and the Strategic Architecture of Northeast Asia

pp. 38-41

Economic Growth in Northeast Asia: Implications for Security

pp. 42-47

Critical Cross-Cutting Issues Facing Northeast Asia: Regional Demographic Trends and Prospects

pp. 48-56

Japan's Emerging Grand Strategy

pp. 57-64

China's Strategies and Goals toward Northeast Asia

pp. 65-70

The Limits of South Korea's Strategic Choices

pp. 71-74


North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: Implications for the Nuclear Ambitions of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan

pp. 75-104

Policy Analyses

North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Program to 2015: Three Scenarios

pp. 105-123

The Democratic-Led 110th Congress: Implications for Asia

pp. 125-150

Research Note

China and WTO Liberalization of the Securities Industry: Le Choc des mondes or L'Empire immobile?

pp. 151-185

Book Review Roundtable

Navnita Chadha Behera's Demystifying Kashmir

Re-mystifying Kashmir

pp. 188-192

Putting the Kashmiris Into the Kashmir Issue

pp. 192-195

Explaining the Kashmir Conundrum: Prospects and Limitations

pp. 196-198

The Kashmir Quagmire: How to End It

pp. 198-201

Author's Response

pp. 201-205