restricted access   Number 1, January 2006

Table of Contents

Inaugural Issue


pp. i-ii

Special Roundtable: Bridging the Gap Between the Academic and Policy Worlds

Bridging the Gap with Market-driven Knowledge: The Launching of Asia Policy

pp. 2-6

Initiatives to Bridge the Gap

pp. 7-15

Closing the Gap: Networking the Policy and Academic Communities

pp. 16-24

Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Policy on Asia: Some Examples from Personal Experience

pp. 25-30

Some Reflections on Policy and Academics

pp. 31-34

Borderlands and the Value of Academic Research for Policy: A Case Study

pp. 35-41


Pensions, Public Opinion, and the Graying of China

pp. 43-68

Taiwan: The Tail That Wags Dogs

pp. 69-93

Research Notes

The Natural Death of North Korean Stalinism

pp. 95-121

Islamic Leaders in Uzbekistan

pp. 123-144