restricted access   Volume 28, Number 4, December 2010

Table of Contents

Short Goodbye, Long Horizon

p. 403

Rebuilding Our Green Infrastructure

p. 404

A River System to Watch: Documenting the Effects of Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) Biocontrol in the Virgin River Valley

pp. 405-410

Conservation amidst Concrete: Urban Natural Resource Management in Southeastern Wisconsin

pp. 411-414

Restoration Notes

The San Juan River Basin Fluvial Restoration Database and the Conservation Registry (California)

pp. 415-417

2010 Meeting of the Midwest–Great Lakes SER Chapter

pp. 417-418

The Willa Cather Memorial Prairie: An Art-Inspired Restoration from the Nebraska Plains

pp. 418-420

Sewage Sludge Application Protocol for Quarry Restoration (Catalonia)

pp. 420-422

Restoration on Rapa Nui

pp. 422-424

Solarization for Non-native Plant Control in Cool, Coastal California

pp. 424-426

From Ordnance Plant to Native Plants in Central Illinois

pp. 426-428

Earlier Flowering in a Restored Wetland–Prairie Correlated with Warmer Temperatures (Ohio)

pp. 428-430


Climate Change: Rethinking Restoration in the European Union's Birds and Habitats Directives

pp. 431-439

Vegetation Response after Removal of the Invasive Carpobrotus Hybrid Complex in Andalucía, Spain

pp. 440-448

Tamarisk Removal in Grand Canyon National Park: Changing the Native–Non-native Relationship as a Restoration Goal

pp. 449-459

Linking Geomorphological and Ecological Responses in Restored Urban Pool-Riffle Streams

pp. 460-474

Odonata Richness and Abundance in Relation to Vegetation Structure in Restored and Native Wetlands of the Prairie Pothole Region, USA

pp. 475-484

Restoring Natural Capital in the Tropical Dry Deciduous Forests of the Western Ghats of India

pp. 485-492


Abstracts, Reviews, and Meetings

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Book Reviews

Ecological Restoration: A Global Challenge (review)

pp. 506-507

The Ecology and Management of Prairies in the Central United States (review)

pp. 507-509

Hill Country Landowner's Guide (review)

pp. 509-511

Recently Received Titles

Recently Received Titles

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