restricted access   Volume 50, Number 4, Winter 2010

Table of Contents

Fluvial Processes in Small Southeastern Watersheds

L. Allan James, Scott A. Lecce, and Lisa Davis

Introduction: Fluvial Processes in Small Southeastern Watersheds

pp. 393-396

Part I: Channel Morphology

Morphology and Channel Evolution of Small Streams in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina

pp. 397-421

Bankfull Indicators in Small Blackwater Streams in Peninsular Florida: Reliability and Relations with Hydrology

pp. 422-444

In-Channel Benches in Small Watersheds: Examples from the Southern Piedmont

pp. 445-467

Comparison of Changes in Runoff and Channel Cross-sectional Area as a Consequence of Urbanization for Three Chattahoochee River Subbasins, Georgia, USA

pp. 468-483

Part II: Erosion and Sedimentation

Temporal Variability of Bank Erosion in East Tennessee Headwater Streams

pp. 484-502

Legacy Hg-Cu Contamination of Active Stream Sediments in the Gold Hill Mining District, North Carolina

pp. 503-522

Part III: Mapping Channel Networks

The LiDAR-side of Headwater Streams: Mapping Channel Networks with High-resolution Topographic Data

pp. 523-539