restricted access   Volume 38, Number 4, December 2010

Table of Contents

"I Own My Slaves, but They Also Own Me": Property and Paternalism in the Slave South

pp. 587-594

Friends in Warm Places

pp. 595-600

Struggling to Find Proprietary North Carolina

pp. 601-606

Britain Caught Between Two Worlds

pp. 607-612

Last Ledger: Leo Lemay's Unfinished Business with Ben Franklin

pp. 613-622

Tales of Two Colonies

pp. 623-628

George Washington: Founding Philosopher?

pp. 629-635

The Neil Harris Effect

pp. 636-643

Disciplining Sex: Intersex and the Specter of Gender Certainty

pp. 644-650

Borders and Boundaries and Barriers, Oh My!

pp. 651-657

The Forgotten Nationalist: John Mitchel, Race, and Irish American Identity

pp. 658-663

The Crisis in Lincoln Scholarship

pp. 664-669

"Let Me Know If We Are Free"

pp. 670-675

A Depleted "Treasury of Virtue"

pp. 676-682

Keeping Occupied: The Civil War Homefront in Fiction and History

pp. 683-688

The Alcotts and the Wilders: Revealing Family Histories

pp. 689-695

Up from the Historians

pp. 696-703

Long Strange Trips

pp. 704-708

A Staggering Machine of Desire

pp. 709-714

Who's Who? An American Scandal, 1920s Style

pp. 715-721

Writing the Introduction to the Twenty-First Century?: The Practice of History and the "War on Terror"

pp. 722-727

Modernizing Women's Health Practices

pp. 728-735

The Human Drama of Weather

pp. 736-742

The Supreme Court and the Right to Sexual Intimacy

pp. 743-747

Women Journalists and the Vietnam War

pp. 748-752

Flower Children: The Women

pp. 753-758

Thirty Years of Baseball History: A Player's Notes

pp. 759-770

Author-Title-Reviewer Index for Volume 38 (2010)

pp. 773-786