restricted access   Volume 22, Issue 3, Fall 2010

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Women in the Middle East

Guest Editors: Nawal Ammar, Aylin Akpinar, and Salam Hamdan


pp. vii-xiii

Women, Structure, and Agency in the Middle East: Introduction and Overview to Feminist Formations' Special Issue on Women in the Middle East

pp. 1-9

Wading through Treacle: Female Commercial School Graduates (CSGs) in Egypt's Informal Economy

pp. 10-50

Progressive or Neo-Traditional?: Policewomen in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries

pp. 51-74

The Experiences of UAE Women Leaders in Developing Leadership Early in Life

pp. 75-95

Unregistered Women Workers in the Globalized Economy: A Qualitative Study in Turkey

pp. 96-123

Palestinian Women: Caught in the Cross Fire Between Occupation and Patriarchy

pp. 124-145

Feminist Attitudes and Praxis Among Palestinian Women Activists

pp. 146-175

"Not Easily Put-Downable": Magazine Representations and Muslim Women's Identities in Southern Punjab, Pakistan

pp. 176-195

Singing at the Digital Well: Blogs as Cyberfeminist Sites of Resistance

pp. 196-209

Gender-Relevant Legal Change in Lebanon

pp. 210-228

Muslim Women's Organizing in France and Italy: Political Culture, Activism, and Performativity in the Public Sphere

pp. 229-251

Book Reviews

Constructed Selves: Autobiography, Women, Republic (Kurgulanmis Benlikler: Otobiyografi, Kadin, Cumhuriyet) (review)

pp. 252-254

Gender, the State, and Nationalism in Egypt and Iran

pp. 254-259

The Palestinian Feminist Movements between Nationalism, Secularism, and Islamic Identity (Nissaa ala taqato Attoroq: Al-Harakaat Al-Niswiya Al-Falastiniya bayna Al-Wataniya, Al-Ilmaniya, wa Al-Howiya Al-Islamiya) (review)

pp. 260-265

Film Reviews

My Home—Your War, and: Salata Baladi: An Egyptian Salad, and: Three Times Divorced, and: Arusi Persian Wedding (review)

pp. 266-269