restricted access   Issue 98/99 (Volume 31, Number 2&3), 2002

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Special Issue: Theatricality


pp. 3-13

Theatricality: From Oral Traditions to Televised "Realities"

pp. 17-41

Theatricality as Estrangement of Art and Life In the Russian Avant-garde

pp. 42-56

The Invention of "Theatricality": Rereading Bernard Dort and Roland Barthes

pp. 57-72

The Structure of Theater: A Japanese View of Theatricality

pp. 73-93

Theatricality: The Specificity of Theatrical Language

pp. 94-108

II. Theatricality and the Body

Acting: The Quintessence of Theatricality

pp. 110-124

Walking and Other Choreographic Tactics: Danced Inventions of Theatricality and Performativity

pp. 125-146

Theatricality from the Performative Perspective

pp. 147-166

Witnessing Woyzeck: Theatricality and the Empowerment of the Spectator

pp. 167-183

III. Theatricality and Performativity

The Emperor's New Clothes: The Naked Body and Theories of Performance

pp. 186-200

The Politics of Discourse: Performativity meets Theatricality

pp. 201-215

Could the World become a Stage? Theatricality and Metaphorical Structures

pp. 216-224

Theatricality and Cognitive Science: The Audience's Perception and Reception

pp. 225-235

IV. The [Ir]resistible Fall of Theatricality

The Resistance to Theatricality

pp. 238-250

The Fall of Theatricality in the Age of Modernity

pp. 251-264

Digital Baroque: Via Viola or the Passage of Theatricality

pp. 265-279

Bibliography: Theatricality and Performativity

Theatricality and Performativity: A General Bibliography

pp. 280-287


Esope au feminin: Marie de France et la politique de l'interculturalite (review)

pp. 288-292

Gender, Rhetoric and Print Culture in French Renaissance Writing (review)

pp. 292-296

Caliban's Reason: Introducing Afro-Caribbean Philosophy (review)

pp. 296-301

Writing History, Writing Trauma (review)

pp. 301-306

The Romance of Adultery: Queenship and Sexual Transgression in Old French Literature (review)

pp. 306-310

La Vengeance dans la litterature d'Ancien Regime (review)

pp. 311-315


pp. 316-318