free access   Volume 54, 2008

Table of Contents

Sumie Jones and Breon Mitchell

free access   Guest Editors' Preface

pp. vii-viii


Literary Translation: Current issues and New Approaches

free access   Refiguring Self and Other: Current Issues and New Approaches in Translation Studies—An Introduction

pp. 3-9

free access   A Lover’s Quarrel: The Original, the Translator, and the Lose-Lose Situation

pp. 10-17

free access   Literal and Literary: Language and the Representation of Chinese Poetry

pp. 18-33

free access   ‘Censorship’ in Translation: Political Correctness in Hugh Lofting’s the Story of Doctor Dolittle and Yoshimoto Banana’s Kitchen

pp. 34-43

free access   Translating Cultures and Marking a Poetic World: Thoughts on Some East Asian Poetic Conventions

pp. 44-56

free access   Metrics Bound and Unbound: Japanese Experiments in Translating Poetry from European Languages

pp. 58-73

free access   Function as an Element in Conveying Cultural Difference in Literary Translation: From the Diary of a Translator

pp. 74-82

free access   From Shakespeare’s Drama to Early Chinese Cinema: Authority and Authorship in Literary Translation and Film Adaptation

pp. 83-102

free access   Foreignization: A Discussion of Theoretical and Practical Issues

pp. 103-113

free access   The Awkward Issue of L3

pp. 114-120

free access   Vanishing Boundaries: Translation in a Multilingual World

pp. 121-134

The Translation Workshop

free access   Introduction: Indiana University: The Institute for Advanced Study Translation Workshops

pp. 135-136

free access   The Literary Translator’s Many Ways of Being Faithful

pp. 137-143

free access   Theory Versus Practice: The Case for Pragmatic Translation

pp. 144-151

free access   Translating Cardenal’s “Managua 6:30 P.M.”: The Challenge of the Kiss and Other Things

pp. 152-161

free access   MTV, Benjamin Lebert, and Me

pp. 162-169

free access   Translating Chinese Poetry with a Forked Tongue

pp. 170-180

Book Review

free access   The Poetics of Japanese Verse: Imagery, Structure, Meter (review)

pp. 181-183


free access   Notes on the Contributors

pp. 184-186