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The Phantasmal Past: Time, History, and the Recombinative Imagination

pp. 1-37

Religious Practice in Chaucer's Prioress's Tale: Rabbit and/or Duck?

pp. 39-65

The Wife of Bath's Marginal Authority

pp. 67-101

Where Chaucer Got His Pulpit: Audience and Intervisuality in the Troilus and Criseyde Frontispiece

pp. 103-128

"It may nat be": Chaucer, Derrida, and the Impossibility of the Gift

pp. 129-150

Religion, Alchemy, and Nostalgic Idealism in Fragment VIII of the Canterbury Tales

pp. 151-177

Naming the Pilgrim: Authorship and Allegory in Guillaume de Deguileville's Pèlerinage de la vie humaine

pp. 179-213

The Ends of Excitement in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Teleology, Ethics, and the Death Drive

pp. 215-256

Saint George, Islam, and Regional Audiences in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

pp. 257-294

The Historiography of the Dragon: Heraldic Violence in the Alliterative Morte Arthure

pp. 295-324

Colloquium: Manly-Rickert Seventy Years On

Vance Ramsey on Manly-Rickert

pp. 327-335

Manly and Rickert and the Failure of Method

pp. 337-344

"Learning, Taste and Judgment" in the Editorial Process: Vance Ramsey and Manly-Rickert

pp. 345-355

Opportunity's Knock and Chaucerian Textual Criticism

pp. 357-363

"Maked na moore": Editing and Narrative

pp. 365-373

Should We Reedit the Canterbury Tales?

pp. 375-382


Idols in the East: European Representations of Islam and the Orient, 1100-1450 (review)

pp. 383-386

On Farting: Language and Laughter in the Middle Ages, and: Excrement in the Late Middle Ages: Sacred Filth and Chaucer's Fecopoetics (review)

pp. 386-389

Against All England: Regional Identity and Cheshire Writing, 1195-1656 (review)

pp. 390-393

American Chaucers (review)

pp. 393-395

Medieval Film (review)

pp. 395-398

French Romance of the Later Middle Ages: Gender, Morality, and Desire (review)

pp. 398-402

Design and Distribution of Late Medieval Manuscripts in England (review)

pp. 402-405

Abstractions of Evidence in the Study of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books (review)

pp. 405-408

Through a Classical Eye: Transcultural and Transhistorical Visions in Medieval English, Italian, and Latin Literature in Honour of Winthrop Wetherbee (review)

pp. 408-411

Constructing Chaucer: Author and Autofiction in the Critical Tradition (review)

pp. 411-414

Comedy in Chaucer and Boccaccio (review)

pp. 414-417

Desiring Bodies: Ovidian Romance and the Cult of Form (review)

pp. 417-420

Looking Westward: Poetry, Landscape, and Politics in "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" (review)

pp. 421-423

"She, This in Blak": Vision, Truth, and Will in Geoffrey Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde" (review)

pp. 424-426

Authorship and Publicity Before Print: Jean Gerson and the Transformation of Late Medieval Learning (review)

pp. 426-429

Place, Space, and Landscape in Medieval Narrative (review)

pp. 429-432

Performing the Middle Ages from "Beowulf " to "Othello" (review)

pp. 432-435

Langland's Early Modern Identities (review)

pp. 435-438

Chaucerian Aesthetics (review)

pp. 438-441

Telling Images: Chaucer and the Imagery of Narrative (review)

pp. 441-445

From Aesop to Reynard: Beast Literature in Medieval Britain (review)

pp. 445-448

Kingship and Love in Scottish Poetry, 1424-1540 (review)

pp. 448-451

Translations of Authority in Medieval English Literature: Valuing the Vernacular (review)

pp. 451-454

Geoffrey Chaucer and the Poetics of Disguise (review)

pp. 454-457

A Companion to Medieval Popular Romance (review)

pp. 457-459

Images of Kingship in Chaucer and His Ricardian Contemporaries (review)

pp. 460-462

Lay Piety and Religious Discipline in Middle English Literature (review)

pp. 462-465

The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Literature, 1100-1500 (review)

pp. 465-469

The Ancient Flame: Dante and the Poets (review)

pp. 469-472

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 473-475

An Annotated Chaucer Bibliography, 2008

An Annotated Chaucer Bibliography, 2008

pp. 477-578



pp. 579-585