restricted access   Volume 37, Number 2, Summer 2010

Table of Contents

Forum Honoring the Life and Work of Jules Tygiel

The Life and Career of Jules Tygiel

pp. 195-198

Baseball’s Great Experiment Revisited

pp. 199-205

Past Time Revisited: Jules Tygiel Testimonial

pp. 207-212

California Dreaming: Jules Tygiel and Scholarship beyond the Diamond

pp. 213-217


The American Dream of Chuck Ramkissoon: Cricket in Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland

pp. 219-234

A VoIce in the Rink: Playing with Our Histories and Evoking Autoethnography

pp. 235-255

The Temporary Homes: Analyzing Baseball Facilities in the United States Pre-1903

pp. 257-282

Dissertations Survey
Book Reviews

Dissertations Survey

pp. 283-285

The Masters Athlete: Understanding the Role of Sport and Exercise in Optimizing Aging (review)

pp. 287-288

Baseball’s Peerless Semipros: The Brooklyn Bushwicks of Dexter Park (review)

pp. 289-290

Bob Zuppke: The Life and Football Legacy of the Illinois Coach (review)

pp. 291-293

The Quality of Home Runs: The Passion, Politics, and Language of Cuban Baseball (review)

pp. 293-294

A Social History of English Rugby Union (review)

pp. 294-296

The Sociology of Sports: An Introduction (review)

pp. 296-299

Sports: Why People Love Them (review)

pp. 299-300

Soldier Field: A Stadium and Its City (review)

pp. 301-302

Through My Eyes: A Sports Writer’s 58-Year Journey (review)

pp. 302-304

College Football and American Culture in the Cold War Era (review)

pp. 304-305

Classic Cavs: The 50 Greatest Games in Cleveland Cavaliers History (review)

pp. 306-307

Classic Tribe: The 50 Greatest Games in Cleveland Indians History (review)

pp. 307-308

The Evolution of Polo (review)

pp. 308-309

John Apostal Lucas: Teacher, Sport Historian, and One Who Lived His Life Earnestly (review)

pp. 310-311

Jews and the Sporting Life: Studies in Contemporary Jewry XXIII (review)

pp. 311-312

High Flying Birds: The 1942 St Louis Cardinals (review)

pp. 313-314

The End of Autumn: Reflections on My Life in Football (review)

pp. 314-316

Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete (review)

pp. 316-317

The Wonder Team: The Story of the Centre College Praying Colonels and Their Rise to the Top of the Football World 1917–1924 (review)

pp. 318-320

The First Tip-Off: The Incredible Story of the Birth of the NBA (review)

pp. 320-322

The Business of Sports Agents (review)

pp. 322-324

Sport, Beer, and Gender: Promotional Culture and Contemporary Social Life (review)

pp. 325-326

Coast to Coast: Hockey in Canada to the Second World War (review)

pp. 326-328