restricted access   Volume 22, Number 1, 2010

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Editorial / Éditorial

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L'analyse comparative entre les sexes : la difficile mise en œuvre du droit à l'égalité. Analyse du Rapport de la vérificatrice générale du Canada

pp. 1-12

Combler l'écart salarial entre les hommes et les femmes : les avantages pour le trésor public

pp. 13-26

Women, Substantive Equality, and Fiscal Policy: Gender-Based Analysis of Taxes, Benefits, and Budgets

pp. 27-106

The Behavioural Effects of "Joint" Tax and Benefit Laws on Women's Economic Lives

pp. 107-128

The Fiscal Equality of Women: Proposed Changes to Legislation Governing Private Pension Plans in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia

pp. 129-156

Who Stands to Lose from Tax Cuts in Israel?

pp. 157-167

A Feminist Perspective on Carbon Taxes

pp. 169-212

The "Wicked Problem" of Fiscal Equality for Women

pp. 213-239

Legislative Notes/Notes législatives

Budget 2010 and the Universal Child Care Benefit: An Inquiry into the Gendered Nature of Childcare in Canada

pp. 241-246

Empty Promises: Why Income Splitting for the Disabled Community Is Nothing to Get Excited About

pp. 247-266

Book Reviews/Chroniques bibliographiques

A Question of Scale: Justice, Citizenship, and Gender

pp. 267-276

Rethinking Equality Projects in Law: Feminist Challenges (review)

pp. 277-280

Critical Tax Theory: An Introduction (review)

pp. 281-288

About the Contributors/Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

About the Contributors / Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

pp. 289-292