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Artists' Statements

Free Play Meets Gameplay: iGotBand, a Video Game for Improvisers

pp. 11-12

Whistle Pig Saloon: Performing Technologies

pp. 12-13

In Strange Paradox: Rationalizing Improvisation

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Artists' Notes

Multidimensional Scratching, Sound Shaping and Triple Point

pp. 17-18

Playing into the Machine: Improvising across the Electronic Abyss

pp. 19-20

New Polyphonies: Score Streams, Improvisation and Telepresence

pp. 21-23

Programming Machines and People: Techniques for Live Improvisation with Electronics

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"Comprovisation": The Various Facets of Composed Improvisation within Interactive Performance Systems

pp. 29-31

Strategies for Managing Timbre and Interaction in Automatic Improvisation Systems

pp. 33-39

Piano+: An Approach towards a Performance System Used within Free Improvisation

pp. 41-46

Seeking Out the Spaces Between: Using Improvisation in Collaborative Composition with Interactive Technology

pp. 47-55

Bow Wow: The Interactive Violin Bow and Improvised Music, A Personal Perspective

pp. 57-66

The Building of Boutique Effects Pedals—The "Where" of Improvisation

pp. 67-72

Music of Its Own Accord

pp. 73-78

Blowin' in Birdland: Improvisation and the Australian Pied Butcherbird

pp. 79-83

Let's Dance Architecture: Improvisation, Technology and Form

pp. 85-88

SOLA: Sustainable Orchestras of Laptops and Analog

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On-line Supplement Section

On-Line Supplement

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LMJ20 CD Companion
Sounds Like Now: Improvisation + Technology

CD Companion Introduction: Sounds Like Now: Improvisation + Technology

pp. 100-101

William Fowler Collins: Midday Sunshower

p. 103

English: Maribel (or Butch Firbank)

p. 103

F.A.S.T.: Dreams of Waking

pp. 103-104

Anna Friz: Our Domestic Radiation II: St. Clarens and Paton

p. 104

Myrmyr: Improvisation at the Meridian Gallery

p. 104

Nishi Shelton Duo: The Sound Is the Melody 4B

pp. 104-105

Thenumber46: The Amen Song

p. 105

Nancy Tobin: DelayToys Berceuses

p. 105

Val-Inc: BlackGhost

p. 105

Doug Van Nort: Playing with Fire in the Gasholder

pp. 105-106

Christina Wheeler: Adventures on the Pink Side of the Moon

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Leonardo Network News

Leonardo Network News

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