restricted access   Volume 37, 2010

Table of Contents

The Next Step for a Journal of Method

pp. 1-5

Critical Source Analysis

Liberia and the Atlantic World in the Nineteenth Century: Convergence and Effects

pp. 7-49

Penser les intermédiaires coloniaux: Note sur les dossiers de carrière de la police du Togo

pp. 51-81

"May It Please Your Honor": Letters of Petition as Historical Evidence in an African Colonial Context

pp. 83-106

Madiki Lemon, the "English Captain" at Ouidah, 1843–1852: an Exploration in Biography

pp. 107-123

Local Historians and Strangers with Big Eyes: The Politics of Ewe History in Ghana and Its Global Diaspora

pp. 125-158

"A Naughty Child with a Pen": Gahadzikwa Albert Chaza as an African Policeman and Author in Colonial Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) 1936–1963

pp. 159-187

African Girls' Samplers from Mission Schools in Sierra Leone (1820s to 1840s)

pp. 189-245

Heritage, Tourism, and Slavery at Shimoni: Narrative and Metanarrative on the East African Coast

pp. 247-273

Historiographical Reviews

Sovereignty and Socialism in Tanzania: The Historiography of an African State

pp. 275-319

The Genesis and Evolution of the Ethiopian Revolution and the Derg: A Note on Publications by Participants in Events

pp. 321-327

A History of the Rio Pongo: Time for a New Appraisal?

pp. 329-354

Archive Reports

Bold Research During Troubled Times in Guinea: The Story of the Djibril Tamsir Niane Tape Archive

pp. 355-378

Finding Foreign Policy: Researching in Five South African Archives

pp. 379-387

Liberal Women in Rhodesia: A Report on the Mitchell Papers, University of Cape Town

pp. 389-398

Research Techniques and Education

Potentials and Challenges in Oral Tradition Research and Education: Synchrotext Software

pp. 399-416