restricted access   Volume 12, Number 4, Fall 2010

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Editor’s Note

pp. 1-2

Cold War “Bridge-Building”: U.S. Exchange Exhibits and Their Reception in the Soviet Union, 1959–1967

pp. 3-31

Engaging Southeast Asia?: Labor’s Regional Mythology and Australia’s Military Withdrawal from Singapore and Malaysia, 1972–1973

pp. 32-62

The United States and the Kurds: A Cold War Story

pp. 63-98

Stepping Back from the Third World: Soviet Policy toward the United Arab Republic, 1965–1967

pp. 99-118

Delusion or Reality?: Secret Hungarian Diplomacy during the Vietnam War

pp. 119-180

Book Reviews

War in European History (review)

pp. 181-182

Human Rights and Revolutions (review)

pp. 182-184

The Great American Mission: Modernization and the Construction of an American World Order (review)

pp. 184-186

Reagan’s Secret War: The Untold Story of His Fight to Save the World from Nuclear Disaster (review)

pp. 186-188

Doomsday Delayed: USAF Strategic Weapons Doctrine and SIOP-62, 1959–1962: Two Cautionary Tales (review)

pp. 188-190

Communism, Anti-Communism, and the Federal Courts in Missouri, 1952–1958: The Trial of the St. Louis Five (review)

pp. 190-191

The Conservative Turn: Lionel Trilling, Whittaker Chambers, and the Lessons of Anti-Communism (review)

pp. 191-193

James Jesus Angleton, the CIA, and the Craft of Counterintelligence (review)

pp. 193-195

The War that Never Ends: New Perspectives on the Vietnam War (review)

pp. 195-197

Making Sense of the Vietnam Wars: Local, National, and Transnational Perspectives (review)

pp. 197-199

Kampf für die Einheit: Das gesamtdeutsche Ministerium und die politische Kultur des Kalten Krieges 1949–1969 (review)

pp. 199-201

Stalin: Machtpolitiker und Ideologe (review)

pp. 202-203

The Dictatorship of Sex: Lifestyle Advice for the Soviet Masses (review)

pp. 203-205

Patrioten und Kosmopoliten: Juden im Sowjetstaat 1941–1953 (review)

pp. 205-207

The Voices of the Dead: Stalin’s Great Terror in the 1930s (review)

pp. 207-210

Origins of the European Security System: The Helsinki Process Revisited, 1965–75 (review)

pp. 210-212