restricted access   Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 2010 (The New Series)

Table of Contents

Editor’s Notes

pp. 1-2

Call For Special Issue Submissions

Call for Papers

pp. 3-4

Call for Papers

pp. 5-6


Abdulkadir Ahmed Said: On the Front Line of African Cinema

pp. 7-13

“TIA—This is Africa”: Afropessimism in Twenty-First-Century Narrative Film

pp. 14-35

Bigger at the Movies: Sangre Negra and the Cinematic Projection of Native Son

pp. 36-57

Recovering Carib Gold

pp. 58-71


“Where Are You From?”: Performing Race in the Art of Jefferson Pinder

pp. 72-105

Africultures Dossier

FESPACO 2009: Concern

pp. 106-118

Lessons of FESPACO 2009: “FESPACO’s Future Depends on Its Institutional Autonomy”—An Interview with Michel Ouedraogo

pp. 119-125

Bollywood/Africa: A Divorce?

pp. 126-143

Poster Gallery: Coming Attractions

pp. 145-154


Resolutions of the Third World Filmmakers Meeting, Algiers, December 5–14, 1973

pp. 155-165

The Algiers Charter on African Cinema, 1975

pp. 165-167

Archival News

Pressbooks: Advertisements, Merchandise, and More

pp. 168-176

In Memoriam: Lindsay Patterson (1934–2009)

p. 176

In Memoriam: Lena Horne (1917–2010)

pp. 177-179

Professional Notes and Research Resources

Professional Notes and Research Resources

pp. 180-187


Notes on Contributors

pp. 188-190