restricted access   Volume 17, Number 3, September 2010

Table of Contents

Feature Article

Religious Experience and Psychiatry: Analysis of the Conflict and Proposal for a Way Forward

pp. 185-204


Religious Beliefs and Psychiatric Beliefs: Worlds Apart and Perhaps Best Left That Way

pp. 205-207


pp. 209-211


Conflicting Values and Disparate Epistemologies: The Ethical Necessity of Engagement

pp. 213-217

Feature Article

From Szasz to Foucault: On the Role of Critical Psychiatry

pp. 219-228


Psychiatry, Anti-Psychiatry, Critical Psychiatry: What Do These Terms Mean?

pp. 229-232

Binary Oppositions in Psychiatry: For or Against?

pp. 233-239


Is Private (Contract-Based) Practice an Answer to the Problems of Psychiatry?

pp. 241-245

Clinical Anecdotes

Clinical Anecdotes: Leaving the Boy in the Room

pp. 247-250


Looking Backward and Forward

pp. 251-253

The Talking Cure and the Writing Cure

pp. 255-257

Narratives of Shame, Tormenting Ghosts, and the Job of the Therapist

pp. 259-261

Indeterminacy and Resentment

pp. 263-264

Childhood Trauma and the Mentally Ill Parent: Reconciling Moral and Medical Conceptions of “What Really Happened”

pp. 265-267

Is Writing Good for Your Mental Health or Is There More to Life?

pp. 269-270

Navigating Therapeutic Diversity

pp. 271-274


Writing About Trauma: Catharsis or Rumination?

pp. 275-277


About the Authors

pp. 279-281

Concurrent Contents

Concurrent Contents: Recent and Classic References at the Interface of Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology

pp. 283-284

International News and Notes

International News and Notes

pp. 285-287