restricted access   Volume 1, Issue 1, 2000

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From: Advertising & Society Review

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Editorial Introduction

Historical Perspectives

Materialism and the Modern U.S. Christmas

From Salvation To Self-Realization: Advertising and the Therapeutic Roots of the Consumer Culture, 1880-1930

Advertisements as Social Tableaux

Reflecting on Ethnic Imagery in the Landscape of Commerce, 1945-1975

What Is Advertising? (and/or Social Consequences of Advertising)

Advertising as Religion: The Dialectic of Technology and Magic

The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on the Unintended Consequences of Advertising

The History and Development of Advertising

Advertising as Capitalist Realism

"But first, a word from our sponsor"

Advertising: the Magic System

Advertising and Consumerism

Marketing Eight Hidden Needs

I'm the Greatest, Yes Sirree, That's All You'll Ever Hear from Me!, and: Falsity without Deception: As Possible As the Law Says, but Not As Probable

Subliminal Advertising

The Mass Media's Illusion of Reality

Can't Ignore Subliminal Ad Charges

Comparative Perspectives

"No, No" to Making a Cake in a Rice Cooker: Modernization Is Not Synonymous With Westernization

Print Advertisements and Nation Making in Metropolitan Papua New Guinea

The Content and Consumption of Advertisements

The Airbrushing of Culture: An Insider Looks At Global Advertising

Marketing Perspectives

Viewer Miscomprehension of Televised Communication: Selected Findings

Relatedness, Prominence, and Constructive Sponsor Identification

A Model For Predictive Measurements of Advertising Effectiveness

Are Product Attribute Beliefs the Only Mediator of Advertising Effects on Brand Attitude?

How Advertising Works: A Planning Model. .. putting it all together

Interpreting Advertising

A Currency Of Signs