restricted access   Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 2010

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Disability Studies in Feminist Bioethics

free access   The complex balancing act of choice, autonomy, valued life, and rights: Bringing a feminist disability perspective to bioethics

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Planning a trip to Italy, arriving in Holland: The delusion of choice in planning a family

pp. 9-24

Hidden labor: Disabled/Nondisabled encounters, agency, and autonomy

pp. 25-42

The right-to-die exception: How the discourse of individual rights impoverishes bioethical discussions of disability and what we can do about it

pp. 43-62

Docile bodies, supercrips, and the plays of prosthetics

pp. 63-89

The role of the reproductive technology clinic in the imposition of societal values

pp. 90-108

Infertility in the developing world: The combined role for feminists and disability rights proponents

pp. 109-125

Disability, functional diversity, and trans/feminism

pp. 126-149

Nothing beyond the able mother?: A queer-crip perspective on notions of the reproductive subject in German feminist bioethics

pp. 150-169


The ethics of bioethics: Mapping the moral landscape (review)

pp. 170-175

Disability bioethics: Moral bodies, moral difference (review)

pp. 175-180



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Editor's Note

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