restricted access   Volume 22, Number 3, 2010

Table of Contents

Film Book Crisis

Introduction: Film Book Crisis

pp. 255-256

Big appetites, small portions

pp. 257-264

Italy in Early American Cinema: Race, Landscape, and the Picturesque (review)

pp. 265-266

Lanterne Magique et Film Peint: 400 Ans de Cinéma (review)

pp. 266-267

The Virtual Life of Film (review)

pp. 267-268

The Man Who Made Movies: W.K.L. Dickson (review)

pp. 268-269

Travelling Cinema in Europe: Sources and Perspectives (review)

pp. 269-272

Americanizing the Movies and Movie-Mad Audiences, 1910–1914 (review)

pp. 273-274

British Cinema and Middlebrow Culture in the Interwar Years (review)

pp. 274-278

Asta Nielsen. Volume 1: Unmögliche Liebe. Asta Nielsen, ihr Kino. Volume 2: Nachtfalter. Asta Nielsen, ihre Filme (review)

pp. 278-279

Hollywood's War with Poland 1939–1945 (review)

pp. 279-280

Caught in the Crossfire: Adrian Scott and the Politics of Americanism in Hollywood (review)

pp. 280-282

Nickelodeon City: Pittsburgh at the Movies, 1905–1929 (review)

pp. 282-285

Mack Sennett's Fun Factory: A History and Filmography of His Studio and His Keystone and Mack Sennett Comedies, with Biographies of Players and Personnel (review)

pp. 285-287

Reconstructing American Historical Cinema: From Cimarron to Citizen Kane (review)

pp. 287-288

The Silent Cinema in Song, 1896–1929, An Illustrated History and Catalog of Songs Inspired by the Movies and Stars, with a List of Recordings, and: Silent Mystery and Detective Movies, a Comprehensive Filmography (review)

pp. 288-291

Being Rita Hayworth: Labor, Identity, and Hollywood Stardom (review)

pp. 291-292

Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation (review)

pp. 292-296

A publishing phenomenon that begins and ends with Scarecrow Press

pp. 298-308

The lost Feldman files and the loss of direction at the AFI: A personal reflection on archives

pp. 309-312

Postscripts to James Williamson

pp. 313-328

The two Vons: the World War I secret government investigation of Erich von Stroheim

pp. 329-346

A Merry Twinkle in Stalin's Eye: Eric Johnston, Hollywood, and Eastern Europe

pp. 347-359