restricted access   Volume 41, Number 4, Winter 2010

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The Moral Imagination at Work in Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia: Reconsidering The Thirteenth Sun by Daniachew Worku

pp. 1-25

African Queens and Italian History: The Cultural Politics of Memory and Resistance in Teatro delle Albe’s Lunga vita all’albero and Gabriella Ghermandi’s Regina di fiori e di perle

pp. 26-42

Ewì, Yorùbá Modernity, and the Public Space

pp. 43-64

Woyyi Céet: Senegalese Women’s Oral Discourses on Marriage and Womanhood

pp. 65-86

Unspeakable Phrases: The Tragedy of Point of View in Nadine Gordimer’s Get a Life

pp. 87-108

Ousmane Sembene’s Hall of Men: (En)Gendering Everyday Heroism

pp. 109-124

Bleeding for the Mother(Land): Reading Testimonial Bodies in Nuruddin Farah’s Maps

pp. 125-143

Postcolonial Despotism from a Postmodern Standpoint: Helon Habila’s Waiting for an Angel

pp. 144-161

The Allure of Counterpoint: History and Reconciliation in the Writing of Edward Said and Assia Djebar

pp. 162-186

An Equivocal Negritude: Léon-Gontran Damas’s Lyric Masterpiece, Black-Label (1956)

pp. 187-207

Present-ing the Past: The Persistence of the Para-Revolutionary Moment in Jean-Claude Fignolé’s Aube tranquille

pp. 208-226

Therapeutic Insanity: The Transformative Vision of Bessie Head’s A Question of Power

pp. 227-241

Evaluators for Volume 41

Evaluators for Volume 41

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Index for Volume 41

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