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Table of Contents

A Note from the Editor

pp. vii-ix

Transdisciplinary Care: Opportunities and Challenges for Behavioral Health Providers

pp. 1103-1107

Part 1: Hospital and Clinical Care

Preventing Opiate Overdose Deaths: Examining Objections to Take-Home Naloxone

pp. 1108-1113

Brief Communication

Problematic Hospital Experiences among Adult Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

pp. 1114-1123

Original Papers

Predictors of Employment Status among African Americans with Sickle Cell Disease

pp. 1124-1137

Surveillance after Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis in a Safety Net Hospital

pp. 1138-1151

A National Study of Problematic Care Experiences among Latinos with Diabetes

pp. 1152-1168

Characteristics of Ambulatory Care Patients and Services: A Comparison of Community Health Centers and Physicians' Offices

pp. 1169-1183

Part 2: Risk Factors
Brief Communications

Cardiovascular Risk in African American Women Attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities: The Role of Dietary Patterns and Food Preferences

pp. 1184-1193

Incarceration as a Risk Factor for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Co-infection in Mississippi

pp. 1194-1202

Physical Activity Correlates for Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the Mainland United States

pp. 1203-1214

Health, Occupational and Environmental Risks of Emancipated Migrant Farmworker Youth

pp. 1215-1226

Food Insecurity is Associated with Hypoglycemia and Poor Diabetes Self-Management in a Low-Income Sample with Diabetes

pp. 1227-1233

Original Papers

Mental Health Correlates of Past Homelessness in the National Comorbidity Study Replication

pp. 1234-1249

Correlates of Adult Assault among Homeless Women

pp. 1250-1262

Correlates of Age at Onset of Sexual Intercourse in African American Adolescents Living in Urban Public Housing

pp. 1263-1277

Part 3: Perceptions, Priorities, Preferences
Reports from the Field

Running on Empty: Health Care Energy Use in a Developing Country

pp. 1278-1281

Georgia's Utilization Minigrant Program: Promoting Medicaid/CHIP Outreach

pp. 1282-1291

Brief Communication

Health Professional Students in Community Service: Insights from Trainees and Their Mentors

pp. 1292-1303

Original Papers

Conducting Telephone Interviews with Community-dwelling Older Adults in a State Medicaid Program: Differences by Ethnicity and Language Preference

pp. 1304-1317

Priorities of Low-Income Urban Residents for Interventions to Address the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health

pp. 1318-1339

Service Provider Perceptions of Long-Term Care Access in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities

pp. 1340-1353

Methodological Issues in the Collection, Analysis, and Reporting of Granular Data in Asian American Populations: Historical Challenges and Potential Solutions

pp. 1354-1381

Benefit Policy and Disenrollment of Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries from the Oregon Health Plan

pp. 1382-1394

Predictors of Payment Behavior among the Medically Uninsured: A Prospective Cohort Study of Patients Seeking Ambulatory Services

pp. 1395-1407


Money-Driven Medicine: What Ails American Healthcare and How to Heal It (review)

pp. 1408-1409

Twenty-First Century Plague: The Story of SARS (review)

pp. 1410-1411

Practice Under Pressure: Primary Care Physicians and Their Medicine in the Twenty-First Century (review)

pp. 1412-1414

The Culture of Teenage Mothers (review)

pp. 1414-1415

Getting What We Deserve: Health and Medical Care in America (review)

p. 1416

Books Received

Books Recently Received

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List of Reviewers August 2009-2010

List of Reviewers 2009-2010

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