Volume 53, Number 2, September 2010

Table of Contents

From the Editors

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ASR Forum
Africa in the Age of Obamam

Africa in the Age of Obama

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pp. 3-5

Can We Expect More than Symbolic Support?

pp. 6-11

Putting Africa's House in Order to Deal with Developmental Challenges

pp. 12-15

Superb Intentions and U.S. Policy Constraints

pp. 16-21

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) and Norms of Participation in Tanzania: Working against the Grain

pp. 23-48


Developments in African Governance since the Cold War: Beyond Cassandra and Pollyanna

pp. 49-76

Diary Evidence for Political Competition: Mambila Autoethnography and Pretensions to Power

pp. 77-95

Views from Below on the Pro-poor Growth Challenge: The Case of Rural Rwanda

pp. 97-123

Faction Fights, Student Protests, and Rebellion: The Politics of Beer-Drinks and Bad Food in the Transkei, South Africa, 1955-63

pp. 125-147

Business Visibility and Taxation in Northern Cameroon

pp. 149-175

Book Reviews

Anthropology and Sociology

The African Transformation of Western Medicine and the Dynamics of Global Cultural Exchange (review)

pp. 177-178

Gangs, Politics and Dignity in Cape Town (review)

pp. 178-180

The Edge of Islam: Power, Personhood and Ethno-Religious Boundaries on the Kenya Coast (review)

pp. 180-181

Ecology of African Pastoralist Societies (review)

pp. 181-183


Women's Authority and Society in Early East-Central Africa (review)

pp. 184-185

Defeating Mau Mau, Creating Kenya: Counterinsurgency, Civil War and Decolonization (review)

pp. 185-187

Making Headway. The Introduction of Western Civilization in Colonial Northern Nigeria (review)

pp. 187-188

The Case against Afrocentrism (review)

pp. 188-190

Politics, International Relations, and Globalization

Land-Marked: Land Claims and Land Restitution in South Africa, and: Land, Power and Custom: Controversies Generated by South Africa's Communal Land Rights Act (review)

pp. 191-193

From Revolution to Rights in South Africa: Social Movements, NGO's and Popular Politics after Apartheid (review)

pp. 193-194

Zunami! The 2009 South African Elections (review)

pp. 195-196

The Great African War: Congo and Regional Geopolitics, 1996-2006 (review)

pp. 196-199

Humanitarianism in Question: Politics, Power, Ethics (review)

pp. 199-200

Beyond the State in Rural Uganda (review)

pp. 200-203

Law and Human Rights

Traditional Justice and Reconciliation after Violent Conflict: Learning from African Experiences (review)

pp. 204-205


Empathy and Rage: Female Genital Mutilation in African Literature (review)

pp. 206-207

Economics and Development

Moving People in Ethiopia: Development, Displacement, and the State (review)

pp. 208-209

Geography, Environment and Demography

Climate Change in Africa (review)

pp. 210-211

Deforestation and Reforestation in Namibia: The Global Consequences of Local Contradictions (review)

pp. 211-213


Christianity in Africa and the African Diaspora: The Appropriation of a Scattered Heritage (review)

pp. 214-216

Shades of Belonging: African Pentecostals in Twenty-First Century Ireland (review)

pp. 216-217

Languages, Literature, and Arts

East African Hip Hop: Youth, Culture and Globalization (review)

pp. 218-219

Early Soyinka (review)

pp. 219-221

Surfaces: Color, Substances, and Ritual Applications on African Sculpture (review)

pp. 221-222

Memoirs and Biography

Zuma: A Biography (review)

pp. 223-224

Francis Jeanson: A Dissident Intellectual from the French Resistance to the Algerian War (review)

pp. 224-226