restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 1929

Table of Contents

Joseph Hewes

p. iv

The Two Quaker Signers

pp. 1-32

Pennsylvania Indian Survey

pp. 32-33

Impressions of a Norwegian Quaker in 1838

pp. 33-37

Items from Periodicalss

Items From Periodicals

pp. 37-49

Notes and Queries

Notes and Queries

pp. 49-53

Book Reviews

Richard Hubberthorne of Yealand. Yeoman—Soldier—Quaker, 1628-1662 (review)

pp. 53-54

A Journal of a Voyage from Philadelphia to Cork In the Year of Our Lord 1809, Together with a Description of a Sojourn in Ireland (review)

pp. 54-55

Quakers in Action (review)

pp. 55-56

The Trail of Life in College (review)

p. 56

Educational Activities of New England Quakers (review)

pp. 56-57

Granville Sharp and the Freedom of Slaves in England (review)

pp. 57-59

Marking The Historic Sites of Early Pennsylvania (review)

pp. 59-60

A History of the Parish of Standish, Lancashire (review)

p. 60

David Sellers. Mary Pennock Sellers (review)

p. 61

Quaker Adventures (review)

pp. 61-62