restricted access   Volume 12, Number 2, Fall 1999

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From: The Yale Journal of Criticism

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Notes on Contributors

pp. 435-436


Prosodic Pleasures and Metrical Fantasies: Donne's "Irregularity"

pp. 171-187

Locke's Desire

pp. 189-208

The Figure of the South and the Nationalizing Imperatives of Early United States Literature

pp. 209-248

Class, Culture, and the Trouble with White Skin in Hawthorne's The House of the Seven Gables

pp. 249-268

Lyric Telegraphy: Women Poets, Spiritualist Poetics, and the "Phantom Voice" of Poe

pp. 269-294

Scarlet Letters, Dead Letters: Correspondence and the Poetics of Democracy in Melville and Hawthorne

pp. 295-319

To Redream the Dreams of White Playwrights: Reappropriation and Resistance in Oscar Micheaux's Body and Soul

pp. 321-356

Modernist Documentary: Aaron Siskind's Harlem Document

pp. 357-382

The Gaze of Langston Hughes: Subjectivity, Homoeroticism, and the Feminine in The Big Sea

pp. 383-397

Positions: On Liberalism

The Liberal Imagination and the Four Dogmas of Multiculturalism

pp. 401-413

Ruling Norms and the Politics of Difference: A Comment on Seyla Benhabib

pp. 415-421

Cultural Studies and the Neoliberal Imagination

pp. 423-430

Liberalism and the Cultural Studies Imagination: A Comment on John Frow

pp. 431-433