restricted access   Volume 10, Number 2, Fall 1997

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From: The Yale Journal of Criticism

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Notes on Contributors

pp. 475-476


Conflicting Registers, Difficult Resolutions

pp. 225-226

Opinion Delusion Society

pp. 227-245

Critical Models: Adorno's Theory and Practice of Cultural Criticism

pp. 247-270

Who Killed Lucretia Davidson? or, Poetry in the Domestic-Tutelary Complex

pp. 271-293

The Ecstasies of Sentimental Wounding in Uncle Tom's Cabin

pp. 295-320

The Epistemology of the "Real": A Response to Marianne Noble

pp. 321-326

"Reading Aright": White Slavery, Black Referents, and The Strategy of Histotextuality in Iola Leroy

pp. 327-354

Crosscurrents: Registers of Nordicism, Community, and Culture in Jewett's Country of the Pointed Firs

pp. 355-370

Thinking Race in the Avant Guerre: Typological Negotiations in Ford and Stein

pp. 371-395

Performance and Textuality in Aristophanes' Clouds

pp. 397-421

Reading Spaces

Synopsis: A Theory of Symbolic Representation

pp. 423-436

Positions: Papers from the 1995-1996 meetings of the Council of Editors of Learned Journals (CELJ)

Preface: The Scholarly Journal at the Borders

pp. 437-438

The Paradox of a Feminist Academic Journal

pp. 439-443

Electronic Time and the Serials Revolution

pp. 445-454

Intellectual Work in an Age of Transition

pp. 455-462

Editing SIGNS at the Borders

pp. 463-466

Just Doing Your Job: Some Lessons of the Sokal Affair

pp. 467-474