restricted access   Volume 24, Number 2, Spring 2001

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From: The Washington Quarterly

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Is the Anglo-American Relationship Still Special?

pp. 7-120

Unfinished Passage: India, Indian Americans, and the U.S. Congress

pp. 21-34

Romania: Better Late Than Never

pp. 35-43

The Beginning of History: Remembering and Forgetting as Strategic Issues

pp. 45-57

Memory without History: Who Owns Guatemala's Past?

pp. 59-72

Can Foreign Policy Be Bipartisan?

Principles for a National Security Consensus

pp. 75-81

Views from the Hill

Stopping at the Water's Edge

pp. 83-91

History's Lessons

pp. 93-97

Analyzing Politics

The Legacy of Campaign 2000

pp. 99-105

The Opportunity Is Real

pp. 107-115

Looking Ahead

The Bush Team's Prospects

pp. 117-122

How to Forge Ahead

pp. 123-130

Redefining Bipartisanship

pp. 131-136

Previewing the Summit of the Americas

The Century of the Americas: Dawn of a New Century Dynamic

pp. 139-148

A View from Brazil

pp. 149-157

The Quebec City 'Democracy Summit'

pp. 159-171

Kashmir: Crisis or Opportunity?

A Ray of Hope

pp. 175-179

Reducing Tension Is Not Enough

pp. 181-193

Fear and Loathing in Kashmir

pp. 195-199

Reconsidering the U.S. Role

pp. 201-209

Charles Cook on Washington

How Does 2000 Stack Up?

pp. 213-220