restricted access   Volume 34, Number 2, October 2010

Table of Contents


Janglican: National Literatures in the Age of Globalization

pp. 271-280

Nostalgia and the Renaissance Romance

pp. 281-301

Ernst Grosse and the "Ethnological Method" in Art Theory

pp. 302-312

Vampire Apocalypse: A Biocultural Critique of Richard Matheson's I Am Legend

pp. 313-328

Sartre's Still-Life Portraits

pp. 329-339

Socrates as Nietzsche's Decadent in Twilight of the Idols

pp. 340-347

Love, Beauty, and Yeats's "Anne Gregory"

pp. 348-358

What We Learn About Rules from The Cider House Rules

pp. 359-372

Hegel, Antigone, and First-Person Authority

pp. 373-380

Truth and Freedom in Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

pp. 381-393

Scraping Down the Past: Memory and Amnesia in W. G. Sebald's Anti-Narrative

pp. 394-408

Truth and Personal Agreement in Archaic Greek Poetry: The Homeric Hymn to Hermes

pp. 409-424

Notes and Fragments

Could I Have Been a Woman?: Meditations on a Controversial Benediction

pp. 425-434

A Modest Disposal: Loving the Critical Bathwater After the Baby Has Been Discarded

pp. 435-446

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