restricted access   Volume 1, Numbers 1 & 2, 2007

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Globalization and the Future of Comparative Literature

Jan M. Ziolkowski (Guest Editor)

Preface & Acknowledgments

pp. v-vi


Introduction: The (Post)global South

pp. 1-11

Global South: Predicament and Promise

pp. 12-23

The University, the Universe, the World, and "Globalization"

pp. 24-37

U.S. Southern and Latin American Studies: Postcolonial and Inter-American Approaches

pp. 38-44

Our Leviathan, Ourselves: Global South as "Tropical City on a Hill'?

pp. 45-54

For Northern Displacements: Understanding the Meaning of Madness in Global Constructions of HIV/AIDS

pp. 55-65

Southern Like US?

pp. 66-74

The Romance of the Subaltern in the Twilight of Citizenship

pp. 75-83

global positioning; or, telling tales of where we are

pp. 84-90

Down Under: New World Literatures and Ecocriticism

pp. 91-97

The Scholar and the State

pp. 98-108

Ghosts of the Great South Land

pp. 109-116

Everywhere But Always Somewhere: Critical Geographies of the Global South

pp. 117-126

Loving that Briar Patch: Southern Literature and Politics

pp. 127-134

Shibboleths: The Production of Culture

pp. 135-143

"The Global South": Yet Another Attempt to Engage the Other

pp. 144-152

The U.S. South and the Future of the Postcolonial

pp. 153-158

Heading South

pp. 159-163



pp. 164-167


Introduction: Comparative Literature and the Return of the Global Repressed

pp. 1-15

Incomparable: The Destiny of Comparative Literature, Globalization or Not

pp. 16-44

The New Humanities: The Intercultural, the Comparative, and the Interdisciplinary

pp. 45-68

Translation-9/11: Terrorism, Immigration, and the World of Global Language Politics

pp. 69-80

"To dig a well with a needle": Orhan Pamuk's Poem of Comparative Globalization

pp. 81-99

Eurasian Fiction

pp. 100-119

The Great War and the Female Elegy: Female Lamentation and Silence in Global Contexts

pp. 120-136



pp. 137-138