restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, Spring 2000

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From: The Washington Quarterly

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Greece: The EU's Anchor of Stability in a Troubled Region

pp. 7-11

Globalization After Seattle

pp. 13-16

Why Japan Can't Lead

pp. 17-21


The Disunited Kingdom

pp. 25-34

The Indigenous and the Imported: Khatami's Iran

pp. 35-53

Conversations with Eduard Shevardnadze

pp. 55-66

Devolution Drives Russian Reform

pp. 67-77

Clues to the Syrian Puzzle

pp. 79-90

Tough Choices in Taiwan

What's Wrong with American Taiwan Policy

pp. 93-106

Taiwan Rides the Democratic Dragon

pp. 107-118

A Matter of Time: Taiwan's Eroding Military Advantage

pp. 119-133

Taiwan, Voting for Trouble?

pp. 135-151

Business and the Humanitarian Agenda

A New Concept of Business

pp. 155-163

Case Study: Preserving Cultural Heritage

pp. 164-165

An Agenda for Business-Humanitarian Partnerships

pp. 167-170

Is Arms Control Dead?


Is Arms Control Dead?

pp. 173-177

The Demise of Arms Control?

pp. 179-182

Strengthening Arms Control

pp. 183-196

Renovating Arms Control through Reassurance

pp. 197-206

An Inherent Lesson in Arms Control

pp. 207-218

The Road Ahead for Arms Control

pp. 219-232

Charles Cook on Politics

It's Up to You, New York

pp. 235-238