restricted access   Volume 100, Number 4, Fall 2010

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Into the New Century

pp. 527-528

Archival Notes

Emending Josephus to Conform to the Mishnah—A Century Later

pp. 529-543

Ahasver—The Enigma of a Name

pp. 544-550

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pp. 551-555

Three Reviewers and the Academic Style of the Jewish Quarterly Review at Midcentury

pp. 556-571


Rabbi Akiva's Youth

pp. 573-597

Making Sense of Christian Excommunication of Jews in Thirteenth-Century England

pp. 598-630

"It is the hunter and you are the harpooned dolphin": Memory, Writing, and Medusa—Amos Oz and His Women

pp. 631-648


"A Jew of the Old Type": Neubauer as Cataloguer, Critic, and Necrologist

pp. 649-656

Meir Benayahu (1924–2009) In Memoriam

pp. 657-660

Raul Hilberg (1926–2007) In Memoriam

pp. 661-688

Jonathan Frankel (1935–2008) In Memoriam

pp. 689-697

Hanan Eshel (1958–2010) In Memoriam

pp. 698-703

Reviews and Review Essays

Mission, Conversion, and Polemic—The Revisionist View

pp. 705-711

Mashhadis: Jews Out of Place

pp. 712-714

Chinese and Jews

pp. 715-719

Of Englishness and Jewishness

pp. 720-730

The YIVO Encyclopedia

pp. 731-743

Memories, Identities, Histories

pp. 744-757



p. 759

Books Received

Books Received