restricted access   Volume 5, Number 2, Fall 2009

Table of Contents

Mourning Zuckerman: An Introduction

pp. 155-162

The Plagiarist

pp. 163-164

Nathan Zuckerman, Plato, and the Lost Republic of Newark

pp. 165-177

Nathan Zuckerman: The Tantalized and Tantalizing Hero of History

pp. 179-188

Exit Ghost and the Politics of "Late Style"

pp. 189-204

Pursuing the Ghost of Personal History

pp. 205-218

Zuckerman versus Kliman: Boundaries between Life and Literature in the Zuckerman Novels

pp. 219-225

Chiastic Reflections: Rash Moments in the Life of Zuckerman

pp. 227-239

Nathan Zuckerman: Between the Sacred Fount and the Ivory Tower, or the Fall of the Artist as a Hero

pp. 241-249

How Telling: Irving Howe, Roth's Early Career, and the Dialectic of Impersonation in The Anatomy Lesson

pp. 251-279

Eulogy: Nathan Zuckerman, 1933-2007

pp. 281-282

Book Reviews

The Humbling (review)

pp. 283-286

Elegy (review)

pp. 287-289

Annual Bibliography of Phillip Roth Criticism and Resources-2008

Annual Bibliography of Philip Roth Criticism and Resources—2008

pp. 291-297



pp. 299-301