restricted access   Volume 2, Number 1, Spring 2007

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From: Genocide Studies and Prevention

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The Prevention of Genocide: Ideas from International Politics and a Symposium on International Law

Editor's Introduction

pp. 1-6

Halting Genocide: Rhetoric versus Reality

pp. 7-30

A Symposium on David Scheffer’s "Genocide and Atrocity Crimes"

Semantics or Substance?: David Scheffer's Welcome Proposal to Strengthen Criminal Accountability for Atrocities

pp. 31-36

Naming Horror: Legal and Political Words for Mass Atrocities

pp. 37-41

A Commentary on David Scheffer's Concepts of Genocide and Atrocity Crimes

pp. 43-50

In the Footsteps of Raphael Lemkin

pp. 51-56

What's in a Name?: Reflections on Using, Not Using, and Overusing the "G-Word"

pp. 57-72

Critical Commentaries

Proliferation of Terminology and the Illusion of Progress

pp. 73-80

David Scheffer's "Genocide and Atrocity Crimes": A Response

pp. 81-90

David Scheffer Responds

The Merits of Unifying Terms: "Atrocity Crimes" and "Atrocity Law"

pp. 91-95


pp. 97-98