restricted access   Volume 30, Number 2, 2010

Table of Contents

Feminist State Theory
Ashwini Tambe, Guest Editor

Introduction: Feminist State Theory

pp. 161-163

From Antagonism to Agonism: Shifting Paradigms of Women's Opposition to the State

pp. 164-178

Objects of Security: Gendered Violence and Securitized Humanitarianism in Occupied Gaza

pp. 179-191

Ontario and British Columbia Welfare Policy: Variants on a Neoliberal Theme

pp. 192-203

Compensation to Fit the Crime: Conceptualizing a Just Paradigm of Reparation for Korean "Comfort Women"

pp. 204-213

Historical Reflections on DAWN: An Interview with Gita Sen

pp. 214-217


pp. 218-219

Gender and Empire
Shahrzad Mojab, Guest Editor

Introduction: Gender and Empire

pp. 220-223

Between the Elusive and the Illusionary: Donors' Empowerment Agendas in the Middle East in Perspective

pp. 224-237

Imperialism, the State, and NGOs: Middle Eastern Contexts and Contestations

pp. 238-249

Gender and the Development Battlefield in Afghanistan: Nation Builders versus Nation Betrayers

pp. 250-261

Of Property and Propriety: The Role of Gender and Class in Imperialism and Nationalism: A Decade Later

pp. 262-271


Negotiated Allegiances: Contemporary Iranian Jewish Identities

pp. 272-296

Sacred Cows and Secular History: Cow Protection Debates in Colonial North India

pp. 297-311

Improving Educational Opportunities: Can Public Administrators Build a Sustainable Middle Class in Zambia?

pp. 312-323



pp. 324-325